Conversation with The One

My excited heart,

Seems to want something.

Without pausing for a beat,

My soul seems to floating towards you.

I come willingly,

I give myself without you asking.

With your glance I rest,

With your touch I melt.

Memories melt,

The Present melts,

Place and matter melt,

Boundaries melt.

Dear small spark,

Dear small miracle,

Give me a small sign,

Give me a small place in your heart,

Let our eyes dance,

Let our eyes talk,

Let me touch your soul,

Melt into the oneness that is you,

And the bliss never ends.

Onwards towards eternal peace,




Mother Earth

Poem on humanity’s roots and paths.

You are my life,
You are my body,
You are my mind,
I am but a part of you.

Borne in your body,
Fed with your life,
You have given us a identity.

The sky,
The soil,
Wind, Rain and Oceans,
Gifted to us.

We conquered your peaks,
We dived to your depths,
We believe we are your master.

Tears is what we have given back.

Teardrop which melts oceans,
Eyeglance which explodes mountains,
Shudder which shakes continents.

Agonized and Anguished,
We prostrate at your feet.

Forgive the petty ego,
Forgive for forgetting our roots,
Forgive and show us the path.

Onward towards eternal peace,


Inspired by a Tamil film song.

Beliefs about Money

There are two extremes of beliefs about money.

The first one is the more prevalent one, which is money is everything and is essential for our survival.

The other belief which is glorified by asectism is that money is not needed/money is evil. This belief is popular in religions like Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. Let’s call the effect of this belief the “God and money are opposites”

So what are the consequences of this belief?

1.) You have spiritual gurus who “potray” having given up money, who have a huge following.

2.) If you are remotely associated with religion, you have an internal battle “Why should I toil so hard for something evil?”

3.) The masses have a poverty mindset. They hoard money, but splurge on religion to wash away their sins for making money.

4.) Spiritually included people believe that giving up money will bring them closer to God.

Each of these thoughts have a negative impact on your spiritual progress and is an indication of a block in you.

So what’s the truth?

Money is a tool.

You should be comfortable living like a king and living like a beggar.

If you don’t need money for your spiritual goals, don’t fall for its glamour.

If money is needed for your spiritual goals, don’t push it away. Don’t be averse to money. Feeling guilty about making money, thoughts about am I making too much, grading people based on how much money they have are all indications of blocks. Work on dissolving the blocks.

Onwards towards eternal peace.



Journey towards You – Poem

Journey Towards God

My heart pulls,
My life moves,
Towards where,
I know not.

Let me come myself,
Let me give myself,
Without you calling.
I know not.

When our eyes meet,
I rest.
When our hands meet,
I melt.
I know not.

I forget my memories,
I forget the present,
I forget time and space,
I forget what is mine,
Where I end,
Where you begin,
I know not.

O tiny little secret,
O tiny little wonder,
One tiny little touch,
One tiny little experience,
And going back,
Is something I cannot.

Our eyes dance,
Our conversations flow,
Our bodies touch,
Our lives touch,
The bound for joy which makes me dance,
It knows not.

Onward towards eternal peace.


Inspired by a Tamil film song.

Lost in God – Poem

I asked for flowers, you gave me nature,
I asked for water, you gave me nectar
What should I ask for, for you to give yourself?

I was lost in the forest, you showed me the way.
I was lost in the dark, you showed me light.
What should I do to lose myself in you?

I fell into an abyss, you made me reach the peak.
I fell into the flood, you safely made me reach the bank.
What do I fall in, for you to make me reach you?

Am grateful for conversing with you,
But my heart won’t stop until I am you.

Onward towards eternal peace.


Inspired by Tamil film/classical song.

The Dichotomy – Poem

Part 1 of Poem on Duality

Duality arises from oneness,
Understanding duality leads to oneness.
Opposites fight,

Opposites attract,

Opposites are poles apart,

Opposites are within you,

Opposites are parallel lines,

But they meet at the infinity in you.
-Onward towards eternal peace.


The Master and the Mind – Poem

Poem about being connected and mind’s distractions

Close your eyes,
Cleanse your breaths,
Clear your thoughts,
Clamp your senses,
Connect with the cosmos,
And the master in you awakens.

So beautiful seem everything,
So mundane seem your trials,
So joyous seem the souls around,
So loving seem your adversaries,
So compassionate seem your haters,
So peaceful you feel.

Ahh the time when the mind sleeps.

Ding goes the calling bell,
Up goes your eyes,
Away goes your peaceful state,
Helter-skelter goes your thoughts.

With the mind in control,
Control which makes you think you are back,
Back to reality,
Reality with real problems,
Problems which need doing,
Doing things which never end,
Ending your connection with your true master.

A sudden whiff of fresh air blows,
A moment when the sun glows,
Your mind slows,
Your heart overflows.

How do you stay connected,
While being worldy wise?

Your mind has no answers,
But millions of excuses –
Food, friends, fortune,
problems, politics, power,

And life…

Excuses can take it thus far,
But one day,
One fine day,
You will break the mind’s control,
And be in connection and contentment.

  • Onward toward eternal peace.